“Högbergsgatan 64” / “Lazdynėliu gatvė”

This collection of two brooches tell stories of different places and times. “Högbergsgatan 65” tells a story about my phone screen shattering into countless pieces on a stone floor in a staircase. It happened in a split second. The previously smooth, glossy, perfect screen became a dramatic surface of broken glass. As much as it felt that a part of me  has shattered together with the screen, I also felt a sense of relief. It was inevitable for something so delicate and perfect to break. The smooth became tactile, the digital – physical. The pattern of the cracks became permanent making the screen a kind of a map. Using it demanded looking for parts of the screen where I could still see the image clearly. It suddenly became familiar and friendly, it’s vastness of the virtual world was diminished. By mending this broken screen I give it grace. The brooch speaks of the the human condition in the face of global communications contrasting with the intimate and physical of the daily lives.

The second piece is a future ancestor of the broken screen. It consists of 2 found layers of found waterproof tar sheets that over a long period of time has formed the cracked surface. It speaks as a silent reminder of the passage of time in contrast with the shattered screen radiating with surrender, but mainly beaming the ever changing image of high technology and the globalised communications.

This pair of brooches speaks about shifting/staying, temporality/permanence, fluid/solid life of objects of material culture and how jewellery functions as a reminder emphasising the contrast between the modern technology and the tangible built environment around us.