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Dovilė Bernadišiūtė, 1990 is a Lithuanian jewellery artist living and working in Stockholm. In her work, Dovile poetically reflects upon the amalgam of technology, temporality and materiality. In an almost calculated manner, she explores notions on time and (digital) space through tactile expressions that offer a more bodily experience of these abstract concepts. She combines conventional materials with unconventional methods and tools to symbolize the philosophical paradoxes that modern life has presented to us. Paradoxes such as the fluidity of time versus the solidity of matter, or the lasting impacts of our actions versus the fleetingness of our lifetimes. Dovile expresses such conflicts in her practice through objects that convey an ephemeral state of being and that are able to capture that very ungraspable present.

Written by Joannette van der Veer

All inquiries are welcome via matter@dovilebernadisiute.com

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2017 – 2018 Research Lab, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, prof. Matt Smith

2013 – 2015 MFA Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Jewellery and Corpus, Stockholm, Sweden, prof Karen Pontoppidan

2009 – 2013 BFA Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Jewellery Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, prof. Suska Mackert

Group Exhibitions

2022 10 Metallophone – Memory of Place, curated by Jurgita Ludaviciene, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius, Lithuania

2021 12 Cluster Jewellery Festival, London, United Kingdom

2021 10 Het Neuwe Instituut, GEM Z: The Farthest from Earth We’ve Ever Been by Current Obsession, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021 10 Direktorenhaus, RADICAL CRAFT 3, Berlin, Germany

2021 03  BKV-Prize 2020 for Young Applied Arts, Gallery for Applied Arts, Munich, Germany

2021 01 92nd Street Y, UNCUT GEMS, curated by Current Obesession, virtual exhibition, NYC, USA

2020 05 Direktorenhaus, RADICAL CRAFT, Berlin, Germany

2019 03 Schmuckismus, Die Pinakotheken Der Moderne, Munich, Germany

2019 03 Non-Stick Nostalgia: Y2K Retrofuturism in Contemporary Jewelry, Museum Of Arts and Design, NYC, USA

2018 Best Laid Plans III, Arkivet för Temporär Konst, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Best Laid Plans, BodyBuilding Collective, Konsthall, Årstaberg and Gustavsberg Konsthall, Sweden

2018 Bijou Lumiere, WCC-BF Gallery, Mons, Belgium

2018 The Language Of Things, The Dowse Art Museum, New Zealand

2017 The Apple Of My Eye, Kammaren Gallery, Lund, Sweden, Vida Museum, Öland, Sweden and Gallery Platina, Sweden.

2017 Steinbesser Experimental Gastronomy 5th Anniversary, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Group show Stralen & Reflecteren, Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France

2017 Built In, exhibition with Elwy Schutten, Margaritifera, Munich Jewellery Week, Munich, Germany

2016 The 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art, Gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 Mari Funaki Award Exhibition, Gallery Mari Funaki, Melbourne, Australia

2016 Identity Transfer gallery Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Talente International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades, Munich, Germany

2015 Konstfack Degree exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art : Metallophone: personally, gallery AV17, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013 Delft op zicht, Kadmium art center, Delft, NL

2013 Elle Decoration Design Fair, de Kijkkaasten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Selected, Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 On Fresh Soil, W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 Extreme Crafts, Schmuck2, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

Professional Practice

2021 Panel talk – Artificial Intelligems organised by Anneleen Swillen on jewellery and machine learning (A.I) with Alexandra Darby, Darja Popolitova, Dovilė Bernadišiūtė and Lee Allen Kuczewski 

2016 07 Studio Assistant at a glass blowing studio, Olustvere, Estonia

2015 08 Haystack School of Craft, Deer Isle, USA

2015 01-15/11 Residency at Glass Factory, Boda, Sweden

2014 Studio assistant “Studio Anton Alvarez”, Stockholm

2013 08-10 Residency Delft op Zicht, Id11, Delft, The Netherlands

2012 Presentation of my work to 1 and 2nd st year students at Pratt Institute, NY, USA

2012 Internship with Iris Eichenberg, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

2011 Assistant Lucy Mcrea project “Prickly Lamps”, Amsterdam

Awards and Scholarships

2020 Nominated for the BKV–PREIS 2021 FÜR JUNGES KUNSTHANDWERK, Munich, Germany

2016 Nominated for the Mari Funaki Award for emerging artists, Melbourne, Australia

2016 Talente prize for design in Handerwerksmesse, Munich, Germany

2015 Glass Factory’s working stipendium, Kosta Boda, Sweden

2015 Ulla Fröberg Cramers Stipendiestiftelse, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 Grant from Mary B.Bishop/ Francis S. Merritt Scholarship Fund, USA ( Haystack School of Craft )

2013 Nominated for Gerrit Rietveld Awards in design category, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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