Wearing Space: Bringing jewellery to space or space into jewellery


In my practice I am researching the relation between the human bodies and spaces, in specific, spaces of transition, and of possibilities of objects such as jewellery to function as mediators in everyday settings. I am looking at objects in relation to the physical body in motion. The transitional space such as the metro, the airport etc. has become an emblem of the contemporary for me. While visiting these spaces my cold, passive and muted body arranges the time and space I live in according to social codes I learned. The phone, bankcards, id cards, wallets, mirrors, the mass- made objects that are made out of information and consumption is what is with us, it is our identity. I am looking for a direct translation of my surroundings in relation to the human body.

I use jewellery as a medium to communicate these thoughts as it can function on the body offering something distinctive by being able to be exhibited in the everyday.

For my project entitled “Wearing Space” I created a series of brooches and necklaces out of different building materials such as glass. In these works you mostly see pressed window glass in shapes of portable objects, which are also imprints of the metro spaces I transited. Later they became jewellery pieces. I am interested in what does the memory of texture mean to us?